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Learn to Ride AERC Endurance Rides By Claire P. Toomey
Endurance Riding is learning the 'art' to ride distance - 25, 50, 100 miles or more in a given time - with a goal in mind and being responsible for yourself, your horse, and others you will encounter along the way.

Things to learn:
Exercise program for both you and your horse.

Proper Feeding and Supplements - for both you and your horse - Vitamins, Electrolytes and their importance.

Hoof care - To Shoe or Not to Shoe

Trail Etiquette & Safety

Finding and knowing yours and your horses boundaries - i.e. resting heart rates etc.

Proper grooming of your horse, clipping, bathing, etc. How to wrap legs before and after a ride.

Explaining and the use of proper Tack and Equipment - help you find what works best for you and your horse.

Learn how to negotiate terrain, read and follow trails and trail markings

Truck, Trailer, Motor home etc. - portable corral, hy tie etc. what will work for you.

How to pack and travel to and from rides, and what to bring. Feed, water, blankets, tack, etc.

I will teach you this and more so that you can participate in this exciting sport. Contact me today for information about classes for you and your horse.

Day Rides - You and your horse in the local desert, or in the nearby west side of the Spring Mountains, $150 per rider.

Day Rides - You and your horse in Blue Tree, the east side of the Spring Mountain Range, $225 per rider.

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Learn To Endurance Ride
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